Henning Krause, Università di Paderborn The telescope conjecture in representation theory   abstract
         Giovanni Cerulli Irelli, Università di Padova Genericità in categorie 2-Calabi-Yau con un oggetto cluster-tilting
        Steffen König,  Università di Colonia  On algebras built up from matrix algebras abstract
        Qunhua Liu, Università di Colonia  The double Hall algebra arising from weighted projective curves abstract
         Manolo Saorin, Università di Murcia The small object argument and cotorsion pairs in exact categories   abstract
         Alberto Tonolo, Università di Padova   Derived equivalences induced by n-tilting modules   abstract
        Bruce Olberding, New Mexico State University  On Matlis domains and Pruefer sections of Noetherian domains   abstract
         Grégoire Dupont, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1  Generic Variables in Acyclic Cluster Algebras   notes