Research interests

My current research interests are focused on computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning mainly for image and video analysis and understanding.

Object recognition and scene reconstruction (also from multisensory data) are also issues I am interested in, in order to design and develop robust computer vision system working in real applications. I also worked a bit in the past on Human-Computer Interaction, especially concerning intelligent multimodal interfaces.
Clearly, my research is oriented towards real-world applications, like video surveillance and biomedical image analysis in primis, but also more classical topics like quality control and industrial automation in general.

My research, while maintaining a strong contact with real applications, is gradually evolving from being mainly focused on application problem solving to methodological centered, addressing in particular powerful probabilistic and statistical models able to deal with a variety of actual problems in several areas, ranging from computer vision, biomedical imaging, data mining to bioinformatics.

Finally, I am also involved in the design and development of computer vision algorithms in embedded architectures. This activity is in rapid expansion and gave rise to the first spin off of the University of Verona, eVS embedded Vision Systems.




Team management

Technical and project management

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Last revision: 5 February 2014