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Let's go

Unfortunately, we can not see each other face to face in a classroom, but, given all these unknowns, let's avoid giving up precious time lingering dull: let's start at least some of the activities of the course with your collaboration.

To mantain an all-2-all contact among us we use the Telegram Group Math Decisions 2020.

You are all invited to actively collaborate in the course. Even more so in this situation, without your active and propositive participation the course can never really take off.

Our Path Together - step by step detailed instructions (in our intentions, help us with your feedback and ideas)

Calendario degli incontri

The moodle page on e-learning

This course retains a seminarial style in the sense that it can still guest mini-courses from external professors as at its origins. All the materials form external visitors (academic or industry) are collected into units. These units will be placed in the e-learning moodle page of the course (access reserved to UniVR students). For the mini-courses where we will be authorized, they will also appear as didactical units in the "Our Path Together" section of this web site.

Marks and Exams

Video delle lezioni

Portals where to practice some of the modeling competencies acquired


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