brain NAVigation Lab


Technology transfer

EDIPO: “A computational solution for bringing neuroimaging genetic into translational research”, PI: Prof. G. Menegaz. Department of Computer Science (University of Verona), duration: 36 months, Funding: 180K, Cariverona
Three main scientific objectives:
1. Defining a rich set of MRI-based phenotypes still unexploited to this end, including microstructural and connectivity features
2. Extracting genetic features, by performing genomic and (preliminary) transcriptomic analyses to point out genetic biomarkers and their key regulatory elements
3. Modeling the IG link, exploiting machine/deep learning (ML/DL) methods besides statistical learning

MIUR D.M. 737/2021: “AI4Health: empowering neurosciences with eXplainable AI methods”. PI: G. Menegaz, duration: 24 months. Budget received for 1 RTDa position (ING-INF/06) and 2 one-year AdR fellowships (ING/INF05 e INF01). Funding: 200K. Two main scientific objectives: 1. Exploring the brain connectivity and microstructure modeling through XAI techniques in both healthy and diseased subject (e.g. cancer) 2. Generalizing the developed methodology to other diseases including neurodegenerative (e.g., Parkinson, Alzheimer) and neurological (e.g., stroke, epilepsy) diseases.

MNESYS: “A multiscale integrated approach to the study of the nervous system in health and disease”, Participation to Spoke 2; Duration: 36 months; Funding: under negotiation, PNRR
Three main scientific objectives:
1. Assessing biomarkers to identify patients at preclinical or early stage of disease
2. Identifying new cellular and molecular targets for the development of innovative neuropharmacological tools
3. Set-up of biology-inspired digital twins, driven by multi-modal data and relying on intrinsically multi-scale computational techniques

OPERA 4.0.: “Osservazione dei processi lavorativi, con garanzie oggettive di tutela della Privacy, per la prevenzione di Errori e situazioni di Rischio in maniera Automatica ai tempi di Industria 4.0 (OPERA 4.0)”, PI: Prof. D. Quaglia. Department of Computer Science (University of Verona), duration: 24 months, e100K. Role: participant - Work Package: MA2 Intelligent systems.