Marco Cristani
Associate Professor
Computer Science Dept.
University of Verona

Welcome to my homepage!

Research interests

  • My main research interests are in statistical pattern recognition (mainly generative modeling) and computer vision, with emphasis on video surveillance applications, such as human activity modeling, people re-identification and pedestrian detection. In these last years, I'm studying social signal processing, i.e., how to model human activities with computer vision tools, following social psychology principia. Other interests are in social media, medical image analysis, 3D modeling and bioinformatics.


  • May 2015: SCENEUNDERLIGHT, EU project has been accepted by the community! Calls will be sent soon...
  • Mar. 2015: "The S-hock dataset: Analyzing crowds at the stadium."a CVPR paper accepted!
  • Jun. 2015: I'm Organizing Co-Chair of the GROW 2015: Group And Crowd Behavior Analysis And Understanding, workshop at the CVPR 2015 conference. Link here
  • Jan. 2015: I'm Area Chair of the WACV 2015: IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision. See the link here
  • Sep. 2014: Group detection page is online (still under construction), with code and dataset links
  • Nov. 2014: I'm Program Co-Chair of the ACCV 2014 Workshop on Human Identification for Surveillance (HIS): Re-identification seen as a soft biometrics application. See the link here
  • Nov. 2014: I'm Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair @ ICMI 2014 !!! See the link here
  • Sept. 2014: I'm Invited Speaker of the ECCV 2014 5th International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (HIS). See the link here
  • Sept. 2014:Co-chairing the First International Workshop on Computer Vision + ONTology Applied Cross-disciplinary Technologies (CONTACT) @ECCV 2014: a re(new)ed perspective for computer vision? See the link here
  • Sept. 2014:Co-chairing the ECCV 2014 Workshop on Visual Surveillance and Re-Identification VS-Re-ID 2014: surveillance and re-identification all-in-one. See the link here
  • June 2014: CVIU on computer vision + ontology was accepted! Semantically-driven automatic creation of training sets for object recognition. See the paper here
  • June 2014:Two ICIP papers accepted, see the publications page!