Ricevimento: martedì 10.30–11.30, 13.30–14.30.

a.a. 2015/2016

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Advanced Numerical Analysis II

It is an introduction to Finite Element Method. For the theoretical part (about 24 hours) we will use some of the lecture notes from MITOPENCOURSEWARE (here in a printable version lecs13_14, lec15, lecs16_17, lecs18_19). We will use some chapters of the book "Modellistica numerica per problemi differenziali" (available in English as "Numerical Methods for Differential Problems"), by A. Quarteroni. We will also introduce Krylov methods for the solution of linear systems (see the book by Y. Saad) and something about preconditioners (about 8+4 hours). We will also speak about Delaunay triangulation (4 hours). Finally, we will spend some hours (about 8 hours) in Laboratory Gamma. Some notes are available.

Metodi numerici per le equazioni differenziali

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