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My research interests, which are within the general area of fluid mechanics (classical and non-classical) and applied mathematics, encompass theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of transition from laminar to turbulent flows, turbulence, optimal and robust control applied to fluid mechanics, premixed laminar combustion, optimization techniques, possible chaotic behaviors in flight mechanics and mathematical biology.

Fluid Dynamic Instabilities

Figure 1. Fluid dynamic instabilities

The majority of the research works here described are centered on flow stability and transition to turbulence. To have an idea of what this is, look at the picture above. It shows a flow visualization, that is a way to make visible to our eyes what happens inside the fluid. If you are curious enough, you might wander how this fluid undergoes different stages from a "regular" motion to "complicated" eddies. The answer is we do not know exactly. Hence, my interest in fluid dynamic instabilities and transition to turbulence.

Other fields of research, still within classical fluid mechanics, are chaos theory applied to airplane spin motion, stability of thin liquid films, flow control and optimization techniques. More recently I got involved also in the study of the Madelung fluid and in the numerical solution of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation of cubic type, which naturally arises from the stochastic quantization of a dilute system of N identical interacting Bose particles. As a consequence of my teaching duties, I have also approached the study of population dynamics and the interesting problem of spatial segregation in strongly-competing reaction-diffusion systems.

Feel free to surf through these pages (see menu on the left), which are written in a form that should be understandable independently of your education level. If you end up finding something that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is particularly directed to students for possible research topics and researchers for possible joint works/collaborations.

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