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The general purpose of this page is to share some useful programming tips with whomever might be interested.

I am definitely a bad programmer. However, in the last few years I have experienced a tremendous need to systematically organize the scripts that I normally use for work so as to be albe to run an old program right away without wondering for hours what it does (comments are really important!!!). As you will soon realize, I prefer the shell programming to the use of more sophisticated interpreters (Perl, Python, etc.), simply because basic UNIX commands are available on any Linux/UNIX platform.

If while going through these programs (scripts) you discover bugs or find better and more efficient ways to do the same things (I am sure there is plenty!), please let me know.


Fluid Dynamics - Octave scripts

These are some Octave scripts (compatibility with Matlab was not checked) that I wrote for teaching purpose, avoiding as many loops as I could so as to to make the scripts efficient.

lbvp3x3.m: solves a linear system of 3 ODEs in 3 unknowns with mixed boundary conditions on a generally uneven grid.

blasius.m: solves Blasius equation for the incompressible boundary layer past a flat plate on an uneven grid. Requires vector of independent variable η at grid nodes and returns stream-wise and normal-wall velocity components U(η) and V(η).


Gps - GnuPlot Stream

Do you love Gnuplot but find Octave not as flexible as you would like for making highly-customized (mainly postscript) figures? Then you are definitely the person this script was meant for!

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