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If you want to be updated on what is going with me, keep checking this page out or have a look at my publications.

01 Nov 2008. Programming restored

I have recently written a script for Octave called Gps to easier the generation of nice figures with arrows, labels and various Gnuplot features, which are particularly useful when making postscript figures. I thought it was worth to share. Have a look here.


20 Sep 2008. Programming removed

I have removed the link to programming from the menu because I thought it was not useful (and things were quite obsolete there). It might come back in the future.


01 Sep 2008. Book published

Almost by chance I have written a book together with Marco Squassina on the qualitative study of ordinary differential equations. It deals with discrete and continuous equations and systems of equations. However, a quite large part of the book is concerned with non-linear planar systems, including chaotic behaviors. It is in Italian, but there is plenty of figures :-)
Please click on the link below to access the official web page. The citation is
Squassina, M. & Zuccher, S. 2008 Introduzione all'Analisi Qualitativa delle Equazioni Differenziali Ordinarie . Apogeo, Feltrinelli Editore, ISBN: 9788850310845 (332 pagine).


28 Oct 2007. Search added

I added a Google search box within the webpage so as to easier the search for information.


18 Oct 2007. A new picture

Many friends told me that the picture on the top-right corner was a little scary. I spent sometime looking for something more appropriate (and less scary) and I finally ended up with this one, taken in the summer 2007 and, thus, more recent than the previous one (taken in Feb 2002 at the Unsteady Wind Tunnel of the Arizona State University).

I also reworked a little bit the research section and updated it with more info.


21 Nov 2005. Page moved

The webpage has been moved to, after some updates.


01 Nov 2005. Affiliated to the University of Verona

From today I started a collaboration with the University of Verona, Department of Computer Science, in order to develop a code for the numerical solution of a generalization of Madelung fluid equations. I will also be involved in the numerical solution of other physical problems governed by linear and nonlinear partial differential equations.


01 Sep 2005. Back to Italy

From September 1st I got back to Italy, after the experience at the University of Arizona in Tucson.


03 Jun 2005. Some scripts added

I was finally able to publish a couple of scripts, gnuplot2ps-fig.plt and (see the programming page or the direct link to gnuplot2ps-fig.plt and

Check them out and let me know in case you find bugs and/or better ways (there are many!) to write them.


01 Jun 2005. Page restyling

After some time, it is always good to change look. I tried to conform the page to the HTML 4.01 Transitional standard and to use the CSS style. I was tired of color buttons everywhere. Let's keep it simple and plain!

You might wander why my scary face appears in all the pages. Well, after realizing that people are very surprised when they hear my voice on the phone or when they meet me in person, I decided that the whole world should know that I am a male and not a female. Yes, Simone is a masculine name in Italian. In almost all the other languages (English and French included) it is feminine.

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