Labelled Non-Classical Logics

Luca Viganò
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
January 2000, 308 pp.
ISBN 0-7923-7749-4

List of Figures. List of Tables. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction. Part I: Labelled deduction for non-classical logics. 2. Labelled Natural Deduction Systems for Propositional Modal Logics. 3. Labelled Natural Deduction Systems for Propositional Non-Classical Logics. 4. Labelled Natural Deduction Systems for Quantified Modal Logics. 5. Encoding Labelled Non-Classical Logics in Isabelle. 6. Labelled Sequent Systems for Non-Classical Logics. 7. Discussion. Part II: Substructural and complexity analysis of modal sequent systems. 8. Introduction and Preliminaries. 9. Substructural Analysis of S(K). 10. Substructural Analysis of S(T). 11. Substructural Analysis of S(K4) and S(S4). 12. Complexity of Proof Search in K, T, K4 and S4. 13. Discussion. 14. Conclusions and Further Research. References. Index.

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