Probabilistic Simulations for Probabilistic Processes

Authors: Roberto Segala and Nancy Lynch

Appears: Nordic Journal of Computing , 2(2):250-273, 1995.

Also: An extended abstract appears in Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR '94), Uppsala, Sweden, LNCS 836, pages 481-496, August 1994.

Abstract: Several probabilistic simulation relations for probabilistic systems are defined and evaluated according to two criteria: compositionality and preservation of ``interesting'' properties. Here, the interesting properties of a system are identified with those that are expressible in an untimed version of the Timed Probabilistic concurrent Computation Tree Logic (TPCTL) of Hansson. The definitions are made, and the evaluations carried out, in terms of a general labeled transition system model for concurrent probabilistic computation.

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