Hybrid I/O Automata Revisited

Author: N. Lynch, R. Segala, F. Vaandrager

Appears: Proceedings of the 4th Hybrid Systems Computation and Control (HSCC) 2001, Rome, Italy, LNCS2034, pages 403-417, March 2001.

Abstract: In earlier work, we developed a mathematical hybrid I/O automaton (HIOA) modeling framework, capable of describing both discrete and continuous behavior. This framework has been used to analyze examples of automated transportation systems, intelligent vehicle highway systems, air traffic control systems, and consumer electronics applications. Here, we reconsider the basic definitions of the HIOA framework, in particular, the dual use of external variables for discrete and continuous communication. We present a new HIOA model that is simpler than the earlier model, due to a clearer separation between discrete and continuous activity.

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