Switched Probabilistic I/O Automata

Author: L. Cheung, N. Lynch, R. Segala, F. Vaandrager,

Appears: Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC) 2004, Guiyang, China, LNCS 3407, pages 494--510, September 2004

Abstract: A switched probabilistic I/O automaton is a special kind of probabilistic I/O automaton (PIOA), enriched with an explicit mechanism to exchange control with its environment. Every closed system of switched automata satisfies the key property that, in any reachable state, at most one component automaton is active. We define a trace-based semantics for switched PIOAs and prove it is compositional. We also propose switch extensions of an arbitrary PIOA and use these extensions to define a new trace-based semantics for PIOAs.


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