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Timetable of the Course

The meetings take physically place in Povo (Trento), more precisely in Povo 1 (Polo Ferrari, see map), but the class is really open more widely: the class has a Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/EDaVmBUS-ku5jsm6Cpp2wQ

and goes out in streaming on the URL mms:\\media.unitn.it\SciHDTV and is also recorded. The Telegram group

is also used as upstream channel to achieve bidirectionality and synchronization during the classes, besides than for general connection.

The timetable of the meetings is the following.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ore: 8:30-12:30, aula A101
ore: 8:30-12:30, aula A101
ore: 9-13, aula pc A201
ore: 9-13, aula pc A202
ore: 9-13, aula A102
ore: 9-13, aula A102
ore: 9-13, aula A102
ore: 9-13, aula pc A202

The link to subscribe to the Telegram group is https://t.me/joinchat/EDaVmBUS-ku5jsm6Cpp2wQ

The class goes in streaming on the URL mms:\\media.unitn.it\SciHDTV (Someone complained that the multi-platform VLC software did not work well on these formats for them. For sure Windows Media Player is fully supported here, if you are a Linux user you will need a Windows Virtual Machine, which you can always get running on your machine with the free and open source software Oracle VirtualBox.)

Program of the Course

We plan the program together. We will cover for sure Linear Programming and zero-sum games. Then let's see. Tomorrow, at the first meeting, we get a better idea of the general interests. We begin with Linear Programming. We follow the book here below (it is easy to get a .pdf of it searching in internet. If you do not find a copy of this book, choose any other book treating Linear Programming just to get there at the meeting with a rough idea of the subject).

Materials for the Course

  1. www site of the book of reference for the LP part of the course

  2. Dynamic Programming (online available sampling chapter from the book on Algorithm by Dasgupta, Papadimitriou and Vazirani)
  3. a good (and free) book on algorithms and complexity
  4. Programmazione Dinamica, una dispensa
  5. Dynamic Programming, more problems and exercises
  6. Programmazione Dinamica, slides per le olimpiadi di informatica
  7. Cammini minimi
  8. Optimal Trees and Paths (public selection from the 3 cooks' book)
  9. if you want to learn more Combinatorial Optimization than what we can treat in the course Combinatorial Optimization (syllabus of Lex Schrijver's course)

Exercises in mathematical programming and problem solving

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