aims of the course

The course is meant as a gentle introduction to the field of Computational Molecular Biology. A follow up course, held by Giuseppe Lancia, will touch upon more advanced research topics in Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics for Molecular Biology.

The main aims of the course, in order of priority, are:

Introduce to the field of Computational Molecular Biology;
Elucidate the role of algorithms in the current practice of the research in Molecular Biology;
Motivate the study of Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics techniques with applications in Molecular Biology;
Serve as a pre-course to the course of Giuseppe. During his course, Giuseppe will propose us open problems in the field as they are felt relevant by the main groups and companies working on the edge of present research. Giuseppe is a part-time researcher at Padua University (in the group of Apostolico) and partially works at Celera Genomix.

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