Lecture in Computational Biology on 21 March 2002

Content of a lecture on 21 March 2002

We considered two main approaches to Physical Mapping:

Within Restriction Site Mapping we considered two possible approaches and the corresponding models: We informally discussed about the computational complexity of both models.

Within Hybridization Mapping, we came to consider two models from algorithmic graph theory and combinatorics which prove to be of pertinence.

In the next lecture we will expose an algorithm for the recognition of matrices with the consecutive ones property. To be more prepared to appreciate this algorithm, I suggest you to consider the third exercise in the list here below.


We assigned the following homeworks:

An extremely good introduction to the problems arisen by Physical Mapping in the context of Computational Molecular Biology is given in Chaper 5 of the book recommended as a companion for this introductory course:

Have a nice reading and self-study!

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