Lecture in Computational Biology on 20 March 2002

Content of a lecture on 20 March 2002

The argument of this lecture was once again the study of some problems of similarity among strings. We remember that there are three main kinds of such problems:

In previous lectures we faced the first case (global similarity), first introducing a rigorous formalization of the problem in terms of alignments and scores of alignments, and then providing an efficient Dynamic Programming algorithm for the formulation considered. Today we have seen as the notion of alignment is also suitable in formalizing the other two sequence comparison problems, modulo small differences in the way we compute the score of the alignments. Even more, we discovered that essentially the same Dynamic Programming approach suffices in solving also the new string comparison problems.


No homeworks were assigned.

An extremely good introduction to the problem of the similarity among two or more strings is given in Chaper 3 of the book recommended as a companion for this introductory course:

Have a nice reading and self-study!

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