Seminar by Dr. Vittorio Amos Ziparo

Title: MADMASS: Massively Distributed Multi Agent System Simulator


In this talk, I will present MADMASS, an open source framework for designing (large scale) Multi Agent Systems that run in the Cloud. MADMASS is being developed in the frame of the FP7 European project CloudTm ( MADMASS has been used within two case studies, one of which - a multiplayer online game ( - will serve as a motivating example both for the API and for the underlying research activities. I will conclude the talk by showing some ongoing work on Petri net behavior modeling for MADMASS, based on my previous work on Multi Robot Systems.

Short Bio

Vittorio Amos Ziparo, PhD is owner and director of the R&D Lab of Algorithmica Srl. Within this role, he is principal investigator and member of the project management board for the Cloud-TM project. His research addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of multi-agent systems. Vittorio published more than 20 peer reviewed international scientific papers and developed many complex experimental systems that won renown international prizes, including a world championships at the major international scientific competition in the field. A full profile is available here.