COST-G6 Conference
on Digital Audio Effects 
December 7-9, 2000
Verona, Italy


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Processing and Effects
Chowning J.
Digital sound synthesis, acoustics and perception: a rich intersection
pp. 1-6 PS.GZ file PDF file
Evangelista G.
Real-time time-varying frequency warping via short-time Laguerre transform
pp. 7-12 PS.GZ file PDF file
Zoia G., Alberti C.
A virtual DSP architecture for MPEG-4 structured audio
pp. 13-18 PS.GZ file PDF file
Keiler F., Arfib D., Zölzer U.
Efficient linear prediction for digital audio effects
pp. 19-24 PS.GZ file PDF file
Sapir S.
Interactive digital audio environments: gesture as a musical parameter
pp. 25-30 PS.GZ file PDF file
Penttinen H., Harma A., Karjalainen M.
Digital guitar body mode modulation with one driving parameter
pp. 31-36 PS.GZ file PDF file
De Götzen A., Bernardini N., Arfib D.
Traditional (?) implementations of a phase vocoder: the tricks of the trade
pp. 37-44 PS.GZ file PDF file
Drioli C., Avanzini F.
Model-based synthesis and transformation of voiced sounds
pp. 45-48 PS.GZ file PDF file
Reverberation and 3-D Sound
Bilbao S.
Digital waveguide networks as multidimensional wave digital filters
pp. 49-54 PS.GZ file PDF file
Lokki T., Karjalainen M.
An auditorily motivated analysis method for room impulse responses
pp. 55-60 PS.GZ file PDF file
Jost A., Jot J. M.
Transaural 3-D audio with user-controlled calibration
pp. 61-66 PS.GZ file PDF file
Dahl L., Jot J. M.
A reverberator based on absorbent all-pass filters
pp. 67-72 PS.GZ file PDF file
Campos G., Howard D. M.
A parallel 3D digital wave guide mesh model with tetrahedral topology for room acoustic simulation
pp. 73-78 PS.GZ file PDF file
Beltràn F., Beltràn J. R.
Multi-loudspeaker reverberation system
pp. 79-84 PS.GZ file PDF file
Sontacchi A., Hoeldrich R.
Enhanced 3D sound field synthesis and reproduction system by compensating interfering reflections
pp. 85-90 PS.GZ file PDF file
Synthesis and Modeling
Desainte-Catherine M., Hanna P.
Statistical approach for sounds modeling
pp. 91-96 PS.GZ file PDF file
Schwarz D.
A system for data-driven concatenative sound synthesis
pp. 97-102 PS.GZ file PDF file
Polotti P., Evangelista G.
Harmonic-band wavelet coefficient modeling for pseudo-periodic sounds processing
pp. 103-108 PS.GZ file PDF file
Bisnovatyi I.
Flexible software framework for modal synthesis
pp. 109-114 PS.GZ file PDF file
Sound Analysis and Exploration
Tzanetakis G., Cook P.
3D graphics tools for sound collections
pp. 115-118 PS.GZ file PDF file
Spevak C., Polferman R.
Analysing auditory representations for sound classification with self-organising neural networks
pp. 119-124 PS.GZ file PDF file
Leman M.
Visualization and calculation of the roughness of acoustical musical signals using the Synchronization Index Model (SIM)
pp. 125-130 PS.GZ file PDF file
Ó Maidín D., Fernström M.
The best of two worlds: retrieving and browsing
pp. 131-134 PS.GZ file PDF file
Bello J. P., Sandler M.
Blackboard system and top-down processing for the transcription of simple polyphonic music
pp. 135-140 PS.GZ file PDF file
Klapuri A., Virtanen T., Holm J. M.
Robust multipich estimation for the analysis and manipulation of polyphonic musical signals
pp. 141-146 PS.GZ file PDF file
Gouyon F., Pachet F., Delerue O.
On the use of zero-crossing rate for an apllication of classification of percussive sounds
pp. 147-152 PS.GZ file PDF file
Traube C., Smith J. O.
Estimating the plucking point on a guitar string
pp. 153-158 PS.GZ file PDF file
Control of Sound Effects
Chafe C., Wilson S., Leistikow R., Chisholm D., Scavone G.
A simplified approach to high quality music and sound over IP
pp. 159-164 PS.GZ file PDF file
Oboril D., Balik M., Schimmel J., Smekal Z., Krkavec P.
Modelling digital musical effects for signal processors, based on real effect manifestation analysis
pp. 165-170 PS.GZ file PDF file
Tro J.
Aspects of control and percepition
pp. 171-176 PS.GZ file PDF file
Modeling for Synthesis and Transformation
Tuisku J.
Considerations on window switching with the biorthogonal modulated lapped transform
pp. 177-182 PS.GZ file PDF file
Laurson M., Erkut C., Välimäki V.
Methods for modeling realistic playing in plucked-string synthesis: analysis, control and synthesis
pp. 183-188 PS.GZ file PDF file
Pesce F.
Realtime-stretching of speech signals
pp. 189-194 PS.GZ file PDF file
Bertini G., Magrini M, Tarabella L.
Spectral data management tools for additive synthesis
pp. 195-200 PS.GZ file PDF file
Physical Modeling
Välimäki V., Savioja L.
Interpolated and warped 2-D digital waveguide mesh algorithms
pp. 201-206 PS.GZ file PDF file
Serafin S., Smith J. O.
A multirate, finite-width, bow-string interaction model
pp. 207-210 PS.GZ file PDF file
Murphy D. T., Howard D. M.
2-D digital waveguide mesh topologies in room acoustics modelling
pp. 211-216 PS.GZ file PDF file
Castagne N., Cadoz C.
Physical models synthesis: balance between realism and computing speed
pp. 217-222 PS.GZ file PDF file
Stoffels S.
Full mesh warping techniques
pp. 223-228 PS.GZ file PDF file
Fontana F., Rocchesso D., Apollonio E.
Using the waveguide mesh in modelling 3D resonators
pp. 229-232 PS.GZ file PDF file
Laurenti N., De Poli G.
A method for spectrum separation and envelope estimation of the residual in spectrum modeling of musical sound
pp. 233-236 PS.GZ file PDF file
Zabarella S., Drioli C.
Transformation of instrumental sound related noise by means of adaptive filtering tecniques
pp. 237-240 PS.GZ file PDF file
Feldbauer C., Höldrich R.
Realization of Vold-Kalman tracking filter. A least squares problem
pp. 241-244 PS.GZ file PDF file
Fernández-Cid P., Casajús J., García L.
A Java framework for FX development
pp. 245-248 PS.GZ file PDF file
Bilbao S.
Digital waveguide networks for inhomogeneous media
pp. 249-252 PS.GZ file PDF file
Jafry Y.
A modular real-time PC-based audio processing tool for effect developers, engineers, musicians and educators
pp. 253-256 PS.GZ file PDF file
Monti G., Sandler M.
Monophonic transcription with autocorrelation
pp. 257-260 PS.GZ file PDF file
Burtner M., Serafin S.
Extended performance techniques for a virtual instrument
pp. 261-264 PS.GZ file PDF file
Escudero J. G.
Continuous and discrete Fourier spectra of aperiodic sequences for sound modeling
pp. 265-268 PS.GZ file PDF file
Huang P., Serafin S., Smith J. O.
Modeling high-frequency modes of complex resonators using a waveguide mesh
pp. 269-272 PS.GZ file PDF file
Marchand S.
Compression of sinusoidal modeling parameters
pp. 273-276 PS.GZ file PDF file
Leitner S., Sontacchi A., Höldrich R.
Multichannel sound reproduction system for binaural signals - the ambisonic approach
pp. 277-280 PS.GZ file PDF file
Bonsi D., Stanzial D.
Acoustic test of a basic audio dereverberation process
pp. 281-284 PS.GZ file PDF file
Carugo D.
Development of a surround encoding algorithm
pp. 285-288 PS.GZ file PDF file
Feldbauer C., Höldrich R.
Analysis, resynthesis and interpolation of the interior noise of a car
pp. 289-292 PS.GZ file PDF file
Turicchia L., De Poli G., Mian G. A., Nobili R.
Audio analysis by a model of the physiological auditory system
pp. 293-296 PS.GZ file PDF file
Izmirli O.
Non-harmonic sinusoidal modeling synthesis using short-time high-resolution parameter analysis
pp. 297-299 PS.GZ file PDF file
Stroppa M.
High-level musical control paradigms for Digital Signal Processing
PS.GZ file PDF file
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