The aim of Re-Id 2012 is to bring together a wide range of researchers in computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning areas to share innovative ideas and solutions for addressing different declinations of the re-identification problem, proposing novel datasets for benchmarking, and identifying new challenges.

A Best Paper Award, sponsored by our industrial sponsors (see below), will be announced during the workshop.


Person re-identification refers to the problem of recognising a person at a different location after one has been captured by a camera at an early location. Solving the re-identification problem has gained increasing attention over the last five years, in a wide range of communities, from Multimedia to Robotics, from Domotics to Surveillance, but all with an underlying computer vision theme.
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Re-Id 2012
First International Workshop on Re-Identification
October 12, 2012 - Florence, Italy
In conjunction with ECCV 2012