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The main focus of the workshop is geometric models and methods for analysis of nonrigid shapes and fine registration of deformable and articulated scenes in still frames and video sequences. We especially encourage inter-disciplinary papers bridging between topics and methods in image analysis and retrieval, machine learning, computational geometry, and computer graphics. We are expecting papers with original contribution covering, but not limited to, the following main topics:

- Deformable models
- Full and partial shape similarity and recognition
- 2D/2D, 2D/3D, and 3D/3D alignment and nonrigid correspondence problems
- Inverse problems involving nonrigid shapes
- Shape synthesis
- Nonrigid structure from motion
- Structure, self-similarity, and symmetry detection
- Feature-based methods
- Multimodal analysis
- Large-scale shape retrieval
- Learning-based methods, especially metric and similarity learning
- Efficient optimization algorithms
- Merging of detection and alignment
- Sensor fusion

- Medical image registration
- Applications, especially with Internet-scale data