Building on 25 years of experience in automated deduction under the auspicies of John McCarthy at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, (back) and especially on recent work by Carolyn Talcott we have written Java programs that manipulate abstract syntax.

At the moment we have a parser, a tokenizer and applets that convert a textual representation of lambda-terms into a graphic one and viceversa. You can play with various imaginative representations of lambda-terms by visiting our student's projects.
(The rest will come!!!)

Bibliography: Carolyn Talcott. A theory of binding structures and applications to rewriting, Theoretical Computer Science 112(1993) 99-143.

Student's Projects

Gruppo 1:progetto Debora Badinelli, Matteo Galavotti, Riccardo Gherardi, Nikolaus Mattern

Gruppo 2: Visualizzatore per il lambda calcolo Debora Botturi, Gianni Campion, Antonia Dona` (in Italian)

Gruppo 3: lambda editor Franco Guarnieri, Alessandro Peroni (in Italian)

Gruppo 4: lambda calculus expressions editor Francesco Bellomi, Roberto Bonato, Alessio Costa (in English and Italian)

Gruppo 5: Tree2Form <=> Form2Tree Nicola Dalle Vedove, Matteo Franchini, Nicola Prando (in Italian)

Gruppo 6: Intelligenza Artificiale Alessandro Dalle Vedove, Giovanni Perbellini, Simone Tosoni, Claudio Zoccatelli (in Italian)

Gruppo 7: lambda trees Claudio Formica, Stefano Galvan, Giovanna Pertile, Christian Stanzial (in English, French and Italian)

Gruppo 8: Formula-Tree-Maker Michele Governo, Nicola Piccinin, Gianluca Pini (in Italian)

Gruppo 9:Lambda Calc Giovanni Scardoni, Cristiana Martini.

Gruppo 10: Editor Grafico per Lambda Calcolo Emanuele Ferri, Gianluca Iacono

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