You can run MeshSmith on any machine, provided you have a Java Virtual Machine installed (compatible with Java 1.1). Don't worry if this is not the case: the Java VM can be had for free from Sun's Java Site. If you have a Macintosh, go to Apple's Java Site (notice that a Java VM comes pre-installed with Mac OS 8.1 or above: in this case, you don't need anything else...Nevertheless, for better performance, I recommend using the last version, i.e. MRJ 2.1.2). If you use Linux you can look into the Java Linux Home Page for an excellent port.

MeshSmith was developed on an Intel machine running Linux (Java 1.1.7 from Java Linux, with the TYA JIT Compiler), but the program was tested also on Windows and Macintosh. Notice that the program is a bit demanding in terms of system resources: so, you are better off with a recent, fast machine.

As Java code is platform independent, you can run it on your box without any modification. Still, this page gives you the choice between three different kinds of compressed archives containing the program, to facilitate the decompression and installation of MeshSmith on your specific platform.

1. Download for Windows Users

You can download the program as a Zip Archive (60 Kbytes). Unzip it in the directory you like. To run the program, open a MS-Dos shell, cd to the directory where you unzipped the program, and type java MeshSmith. That's all! You can also download a Zipped Documentation File in html format.

2. Download for Macintosh Users

Here is a StuffIt Archive of the program (approx. 60 Kbytes). Unstuff the file with StuffIt Expander (in case your web browser is not configured to take care of the job automatically), and double-click on the MeshSmith application to start the program. You can also download a Stuffed Documentation File in html format.

3. Download for Linux and Unix Users

You can use the Windows version, or else download this Gzipped-Tar File of MeshSmith (approx. 50 Kbytes). Gunzip and untar it (by typing gunzip MeshSmith.tgz and tar xvf MeshSmith.tar... Within Linux, tar xvzf MeshSmith.tgz does both jobs at once!) where you wish. To start the program, cd to the new directory of the program (this step is not necessary if the directory is in your CLASSPATH) and type java MeshSmith. You can also download a Gzipped Tar Documentation File in html format.


Please notice that the usual Disclaimer applies: the software downloadable from this page is provided "as is", with no warranty of any kind, either implied or explicit. After all, this is free software...

I can only say that this program will not do any intentional harm... and also that it behaved like a gentleman on my machine!

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