Mercoledi' 18 marzo 2015 - Verona

Peter Schauenburg - Université de Bourgogne
Higher Frobenius-Schur Indicators in Group-Theoretical Fusion Categories abstract

Peter Schuster - Università di Verona
Krull Without Zorn abstract

Giovedi' 19 marzo 2015 - Padova

Peter Vamos,
Exeter University   The ordered K-series for a ring abstract
Simone Virili,
Universita' di Padova   Model approximations for relative homological algebra abstract

Giovedi' 21 maggio 2015 - Padova

Alex Martsinkovsky - Northeastern University - Boston   When is the stable category abelian? abstract
Nicholas Werner - Ohio State University - Newark
   Integer-valued Polynomials on Noncommutative Rings and Algebras abstract

Mercoledi' 24 giugno 2015 - Verona

Francesca Mantese - Università di Verona   Extensions of Chen simple modules over Leavitt path algebras abstract
Simone Virili - Università di Padova
   Length functions in Grothendieck categories abstract