Title: Silting theory
Speaker: Jorge Vitória

Silting modules generalise tilting modules over any ring and support tau-tilting modules over a finite dimensional algebra. In this talk, we explore some properties of silting theory and show how silting modules relate with quasitilting modules. Furthermore, we discuss the connection between silting modules and silting complexes in the derived category, which are themselves intimately related with t-structures and co-t-structures. This is joint work with Lidia Angeleri Hügel and Frederik Marks. Title: Silting modules and ring epimorphisms
Speaker: Frederik Marks

In the first part of the talk we discuss ring epimorphisms that arise from partial silting modules. These ring epimorphisms are described explicitly by a certain quotient of the endomorphism ring of the completion of the partial silting. This description allows us to relate the representations theories of the initial ring and the endomorphism ring of a given silting module. In the second part of the talk we restrict the setting to tilting. More precisely, we define (strongly) minimal tilting modules over a ring and show that there is a way of assigning to every such tilting module a ring epimorphism using the construction discussed in the first part. For hereditary rings the map obtained yields a bijection between strongly minimal tilting modules and injective homological ring epimorphisms. This is joint and ongoing work with
Lidia Angeleri Hügel and Jorge Vitória.