Marino Gran, Université Catholique de Louvain Title: Groupoids, commutators and cocommutative Hopf algebras.

: Internal structures are useful to understand some fundamental constructions in commutator theory. In this talk we shall first explain the relationship between groupoids and commutators in the so-called Mal’tsev varieties [1], that are the varieties in the sense of universal algebra whose algebraic theory has a ternary operation p(x,y,z) satisfying the identities p(x,y,y)= x and p(x,x,y)=y. Typical examples of Mal’tsev varieties are those of groups, where such an operation is given by p(x,y,z)= x - y + z, quasi-groups, rings, Lie algebras, Boolean algebras and crossed modules.

We shall then explain how some of these results can be naturally extended to a categorical context [2,3], that also includes the categories of compact groups and of cocommutative Hopf algebras [4].


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