Lidia Angeleri Hügel

Representation Theory in Verona
Seminar Representation Theory
hybrid format:
Sala Riunioni Ca' Vignal 2
and live on zoom

Monday, February 14, 16:00
Jorge Vitória 

Hearts in triangulated categories with defined Krull-Gabriel dimension

Monday, February 21, 16:00

Lidia Angeleri Hügel
Ext-orthogonal pairs over the Kronecker algebra

Monday, February 28, 16:00
Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi
First Hochschild cohomology and stable equivalence obtained by gluing idempotents   abstract

Wednesday, March 9, 15:00
Francesca Fedele
Universal localizations of d-homological pairs abstract

Wednesday, March 16, 15:00
Raquel Coelho Simoes, Lancaster University
Simple-mindedness in negative Calabi-Yau cluster categories of the hereditary type  abstract

Wednesday, March 23, 15:00
David Pauksztello, Lancaster University
Simple-mindedness: reduction and mutation   abstract

Wednesday, March 30, 15:00
Francesco Sentieri
Torsion classes know all about wide subcategories: the \kappa map

Wednesday, April 6, 15:00
Lidia Angeleri Hügel
Semistable torsion classes (after a paper by Asai and Iyama)

Wednesday, April 6, 15:00
Sofia Franchini, Lancaster University
Igusa-Todorov's discrete cluster category of type A-infinity    abstract

Thursday, June 23rd, 17:00

Benjamin Briggs,  University of Copenhagen
The Lie algebra of integrable derivations   abstract

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